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5Rhythms DanceLab
- Unfolding your potential-

Ongoing journey in 3 weekends
April 28-29, June 30- July 1, Sept 1-2 2018

Jup Jansonius en Mirjam van Hasselt

Would you like to move your life to the next level?
Give yourself the luxury to dance your way in that direction!

Unfold your own potential with the 5Rhythms®.
In this ongoing group we use the 5Rhyhms as our jumping board; it’s deep and catalytic work.
So if this series is for you: “Be ready to jump.”

Integration of the 5Rhythms® in your life enhances your self-confidence, your creativity, flexibility, focus and your ability to rela. (privately and professionally).

The relation between the dance, your life, talents and qualities is the core of our exploration.
We’ll use dance and movement in many different ways to explore this.
We use movement to find tools that can help you to enhance / improve / upgrade your daily life.

Working in this ongoing group offers the possibility to get to know each other better; to dive in the depth of the exploration; and to celebrate the outcome.
There is space for personal exploration.

- The journey is divided in 3 weekends -
and takes place in Amsterdam (NL)

- Feet on the floor (April 28-29 2018) -
Starting (consciously), from nothing to anything,
Gathering your (re)sources and finding your way.

- Walk your talk (June 30- Juli 1 2018) -
Your inner compass, focus, relating, communication.
Diving into the unknown and surrender.

- Creating the magic of your life (Sept 1-2 2018) -
Creating possibilities,manifesting your dreams.
Receiving the gifts of life, reflecting, and ending (conciously).

- Price -
early birdprice €475,=, if paid before April 1


More info and registration:
+31 6 24587344